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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Service Guide Samsung

Samsung 3500Flip amputation & duct-tape case repair.
Samsung A100Secrets from the inside of a phone, tools, pictures and opening instructions.
Samsung A400Exploded view, spare parts list.
Samsung A500 et. al.Modified USB cable to make it capable of charging a mobile phone.
Samsung A680Housing replacement: a step-by-step HOWTO.
Samsung A920A guide to easy housing replaclement.
Samsung B3210 Genio QWERTYTroubleshooting the cellphone becomes a snap with this DIY guide.
Samsung B3410 (Corby Plus)With this instructions it is not that difficult to get the cellphone apart and replace the LCD.
Samsung B5310 Genio SlideTo start with the cellphone disassembly remove back cover, battery, SIM and memory card, now six screws need to be removed before you can pry away the battery compartment around the join with the main body of the phone and it should release without much force. The volume and phone lock buttons may also come loose easily.
Samsung C100/C110An exploded view of the internals.
Samsung C200An exploded drawing with spare part numbers.
Samsung C3050Run a plastic tool around the join of the battery compartment to release it from the rest of the cellphone.
Samsung D307Do you want to mod up the housing of this cellphone: look up this exploded view.
Samsung D357An illustrated explanation of housing replacement.
Samsung D415 D418 D410Faceplate installation instructions and pictures.
Samsung D900Get ready to fit a new screen into the cellular phone, just follow these simple and illustrated instruction.
Samsung D900iAn illustrated step-by-step take apart and screen exchangement guide.
Samsung E105This video gives you assistance in flashing the keypad.
Samsung E400A cross-sectional drawing showing all the internal parts.
Samsung E590A step-by-step tutorial about LCD screen replacement.
Samsung E700Poor man's disassembly and flat repair.
Samsung E700An exploded drawing of the internal parts.
Samsung E715How to get the keypad flashed [video].
Samsung E900How to get the cell phone apart and the screen exchanged.
Samsung F110 MiCoachA complete step-by-step cellphone disembowel manual.
Samsung F210This guide enable you to replace the cellphone screen as well as other components.
Samsung F480 ToccoThis concise guide uncovers all the inner parts and helps to repair or replace them.
Samsung G600All the tools and tricks you need to know for LCD removal and replacement.
Samsung H1 (GT-i8320) - Vodafone 360How to use a cheap plastic tool e.g. a credit card to get the cellphone apart and a broken display replaced.
Samsung i550All the information you need to repair a broken cellphone display without paying for a professional service.
Samsung i900 OmniaA short but wellknown written guide to cellphone repair.
Samsung i910 OmniaA cellphone teardown HOWTO.
Samsung i910 OmniaPictures of the inner cellphone parts with additional IC diagramms.
Samsung i8510 INNOV8All the tips and tricks you need to know to get this cellphone apart and repaired.
Samsung i8910 Omnia HDYo have to run a plastic tool around the join of the camera cover in order to release it and get access to the inner parts of the cellphone.
Samsung L770First remove back cover, battery, SIM and memory card. Now lever off the panel near the bottom of the cellphone, it's held in place with double sided tape and you may need to slide a thin blade underneath to remove it.
Samsung M100An exploded view into the internal of the phone.
Samsung M150There are four slots inside the battery compartment, push a mobile phone opening tool into each slot and then turn it, this will release the clips that hold the battery compartment in place.
Samsung P520 ArmaniAn unofficial but free LCD screen replacement manual.
Samsung P777All the tools and tricks you need to get the housing exchanged.
Samsung S100A sectional drawing showing the internal parts.
Samsung S300How to change the housing.
Samsung S3030 TobiDo you need help with taking apart this cellphone? This illustrated manual tells you how to disassembly the phone and substitute a broken screen.
Samsung S3100After removing six screws you can pry the battery compartment away from the rest of the cellphone, now you can unlock the ribbon connector. It attaches like a plug and socket, just lever this up to unplug.
Samsung S3500This slider phone can be opened to get the screen replaced.
Samsung S3650 (Corby/Genio/Genio Touch)Fix your cell phone cheaply with this repair guide.
Samsung S5230 Tocco LiteWithout these tips and tricks it's not that easy to crack this cellphone open.
Samsung S5600 BladeThis disassembly guide will answer some questions about getting the cellphone open.
Samsung S7220 LucidoIf you have any questions about the disassembly of this cellphone and don't have a copy of the official service manual, this guide gives you a start.
Samsung S8000 JetA full cellphone strip down with pictures.
Samsung S8300 Tocco Ultra (UltraTOUCH)This unofficial manual describes how to substitute the LCD screen.
Samsung T616Video instructions giving assistance to get the keypad replaced.
Samsung U600Take apart and screen replacement manual.
Samsung U900If you have any questions about the disassembly of this cell phone, this guide will be helpful.
Samsung X105This video guide describes how to flash the keypad.
Samsung X640Disassembly pictures and schematics for the Mobile Action MA-8230P serial USB data cable and charger. Inside there are two ICs PL2303 (USB-to-RS232 bridge) and an EM78P153S (and 8 bit MCU).
Samsung Z100A cutaway view of the mobile phone.
Samsung Z105An exploded drawing and spare parts listing.
Samsung SCH-A670A step-by-step faceplate replacement HOWTO.
Samsung SCH-A950An illustrated faceplate installation guide.
Samsung SCH-U940 GlydeDon't panic or throw away your cell phone when the LCD screen is dead. You can assembly it yourself for about 60 dollars, not the cheapest but it beats paying 200 dollars for a new phone. This guide will show you the steps you need to follow to replace the LCD screen and the touchscreen together in one piece.
Samsung SGH-800Stripping the phone, pics and HOWTO.
Samsung SGH-2400Demounting the phone, pictures, tools and explanations.
Samsung SGH-A288Dismantlement pictures and instructions.
Samsung SGH-D415/SGH-D410This HOWTO gives you assistance in changing the cellphone housing.
Samsung SGH-D500This free instructions should prove very useful for those of you fitting new LCD's, ribbon cables, lenses or fascias.
Samsung SGH-D500How to change the cover of the cellphone (in German).
Samsung SGH-D600This cellphone disassembly tutorial explains how to get the PCB out.
Samsung SGH-D600A video tutorial explaining a complete cellphone disassembly [video].
Samsung SGH-D600A step-by-step mobilephone take apart guide [video].
Samsung SGH-E315Faceplate changement instructions and pictures.
Samsung SGH-F490It's not that difficult to repair this cellphone if you follow this concise guide.
Samsung SGH-i600To crack this phone open six screws need to be removed. The two at the top are covered by rubber stoppers which can be levered out with a screwdriver.
Samsung SGH-J600All the tips and tricks you need to know for taking this cellphone apart completely.
Samsung SGH-J700Remove back cover, battery, SIM and memory card and the four screws you can see now. Peel back the sticker you may need something with a thin, sharp point to peel the sticker back with. Two rubber stoppers need to be levered out to reveal two more screws that must be removed.
Samsung SGH-N188Under the hood, pictures from the inside and dissection instructions.
Samsung SGH-P900Ever dreamed of making your mobile TV fixed? Wouldn't it be nice to watch the mobile channels from your PC? But your phone will not work mobile anymore ... be warned! Includes disassembly instructions.
Samsung SPH-A660 (aka VI660)How to attach a selfmade antenna to the cellphone. Sumber: repair4mobilephone
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